Michael Daling - October 13, 2019

Prayer and Faith

King and Servant

Let Jesus reset your thoughts of how things should be. When Jesus prayed, he really believed that the Father was well-pleased in him, and he was fully submitted to his will. He said, “Father if it is possible, remove this cup from me...yet not my will, but yours…” The Father didn’t keep Jesus from suffering and death…he brought Jesus through those things and raised him to life. Jesus still died…and yet we wouldn’t attribute that to a lack of faith in prayer, would we? Jesus didn’t guess at God’s will…in his weakness he whole-heartedly submitted to it…in faith, even unto death. Prayer is often very hard. We come to the Father with how we think things should be. It’s hard to admit that we are helpless— The only way we can deal with that weakness that characterizes prayer is by faith…not just believing generally…but that there is a Father in heaven who delights in his Son, Jesus, and he sent that Son to give himself up for us so we could be his children. We must trust that this same Father is well-pleased to hear and answer our prayer. Otherwise, we will come half-heartedly…guessing at what he wants…not very sure that he wants to help—or we simply won’t come at all.

Scripture References: Matthew 17:14-27

From Series: "King and Servant"

Jesus is the King sent from Heaven to establish His eternal Kingdom. He wields the weapons of Heaven against the kingdom of Satan and reigns victorious.

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