Michael Daling - February 9, 2020

The Wise and Faithful Servant

Lord and Savior

When we feel under threat, we feel justified in threatening others. We get hurt, so we feel justified in hurting others. We are belittled, so we feel justified in belittling others. They don’t listen to us, so why should we bother listening to them? After all…they deserve it, right? Our love so easily grows cold. We must never let that happen. A love grown cold in a Christian is a far greater threat than death. Are you really justified in holding onto a love grown cold? Because of the blood that he shed, you are washed clean of all of the hateful and ungodly things that are in your heart. He has poured his own love into you by the Holy Spirit—you aren’t doing this on your own strength—but by the immeasurable power that raised Jesus from the dead! You do it on the strength of the Son of God who loved you and gave himself for you. And so let us walk by faith—let us live in a posture of readiness…by faith. Don’t be deceived, Jesus has told you the truth. Don’t be alarmed, God is in control. And don’t give up, Jesus is coming.

Scripture References: Matthew 25:1-13, Matthew 24:3-51

From Series: "Lord and Savior"

Jesus rode into Jerusalem to shouts of acclaim, yet only days later he was nailed to a cross. He knew it was coming. He did it all on purpose. And because he did, we have life in him!

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