Michael Daling - July 7, 2019

But You...

2 Timothy

The training in righteousness we receive from God’s Word reveals to us how holy God is and how sinful we are, it points to Jesus and says “believe that Jesus is all you need!” And then it shows us how holy God is and how sinful we are. The Word confronts us, displays our need, and performs deep surgery on our hearts. Our lives are really changed by it, but the training doesn’t get easier—it just stretches us deeper into repentance and faith. Living out a genuine, gospel-filled life and engaging in genuine, gospel filled ministry begins, endures, and ends with living by faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave himself up for us. The God-breathed Word teaches nothing less…and the transformed lives of genuine believers around us confirm it.

Scripture References: 2 Timothy 3:10-17

From Series: "2 Timothy"

The church in Ephesus, where Timothy was serving when Paul wrote this letter, was threatened from the outside and from within. Paul himself was arrested and imprisoned and facing death, and it looked like his gospel had failed—even Paul’s friends were jumping ship. Timothy was dealing with a church filled with quarreling and false teaching. Into this situation, Paul wrote this letter to affirm Timothy…and encourage him to fulfill the ministry God gave him ——he sends this letter to say: boldly take up what you were given, guard it, pass it on, and keep going until your ministry is fulfilled!

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