Michael Daling - September 29, 2019


King and Servant

Beware of every inclination to bypass Jesus. Don’t settle for a little bit of unbelief! Never settle for just being a pretty good person. Never settle for being in a church of nice people. Never settle for anything less than the Son of God who loved you and gave himself up for you. Keep going to Jesus…never settle “some” of Jesus, or “partly” Jesus, or “mostly” Jesus! If you do it will work its way through you like leaven and make you entirely different than a true disciple. You may look the part for awhile… but you will know deep down— it will never be enough. It is Jesus that you need…don’t settle for anything else.

Scripture References: Matthew 16:1-12

From Series: "King and Servant"

Jesus is the King sent from Heaven to establish His eternal Kingdom. He wields the weapons of Heaven against the kingdom of Satan and reigns victorious.

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