Michael Daling - October 6, 2019

Not a Rumor

King and Servant

All that Jesus does and says is accepted by a delighted Father. And yet this delight of the Father does not amount to some sort of prosperity gospel…not for Jesus and not for us. It was God’s pleasure that his beloved Son would obey unto death. My friends, this is all incredible news for you and for me. The Father’s delight in the Son means that when you are in Christ---because of Jesus’ obedience---God is delighted with you too! THAT is your relationship with the Father in Jesus. Jesus would not do an end-around the mission the Father gave him. How much more can you trust him when he says deny yourself, take up your cross, and follow me?

Scripture References: Matthew 17:1-13, Matthew 16:13-28

From Series: "King and Servant"

Jesus is the King sent from Heaven to establish His eternal Kingdom. He wields the weapons of Heaven against the kingdom of Satan and reigns victorious.

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