Michael Daling - October 20, 2019


King and Servant

What does it mean to receive someone in Jesus’ name? We must see them with Jesus-shaped lenses…fully in line with the grace that we have received in Jesus. If we are to do that, then there can be no precondition that we put in front of someone before we offer them Jesus. No social standing, not the right clothes, not political ideology, not the right sexual preference…nothing. You also must receive them …don’t write them off. After all, Jesus didn’t write you off when you hated him. Jesus is ferociously serious about this. When you receive others in the same way Jesus received you…you are embracing Jesus and the gospel. This is all good news for me and for you and for our children and our neighborhood and our city! Greatness in the kingdom of God is eternal greatness…it is rooted in the secure identity you have been given as God’s child in Christ alone! You have no need to chase any other greatness…you have no need to receive credit…you have no need for applause…you have no need to make yourself out to be great at someone else’s expense. Humble yourselves and come to Jesus. As Tim Keller says, all you need is nothing…and Jesus is telling you to keep unloading until your hands have exactly that…nothing.

Scripture References: Matthew 18:1-14

From Series: "King and Servant"

Jesus is the King sent from Heaven to establish His eternal Kingdom. He wields the weapons of Heaven against the kingdom of Satan and reigns victorious.

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