Michael Daling - January 26, 2020

Who Is This One?

Lord and Savior

Who are we dealing with here? It’s only in Jesus that we find that the currency of God’s kingdom is not in money or political ideology that is destined to perish, but in the fruit of repentance and faith. You can only give to God the things that are God’s by following his son, Jesus. The hope of the kingdom is not in keeping what you have or even in something as beautiful as marriage. The hope of the Kingdom is resurrection life…and that can only be found by following his Son, Jesus. The perfect standard of God’s Kingdom is love of God and neighbor, but that Law only condemns us apart from the Son of David. Righteousness can only be found in God’s Son, Jesus. The power and the good news of the kingdom is the Lord Jesus!

Scripture References: Matthew 22:15-46

From Series: "Lord and Savior"

Jesus rode into Jerusalem to shouts of acclaim, yet only days later he was nailed to a cross. He knew it was coming. He did it all on purpose. And because he did, we have life in him!

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