Michael Daling - February 23, 2020

The Love of Jesus

Lord and Savior

She loved Jesus…she wanted to show it and honor him with everything she had…so she took one of the most expensive things she had and poured it on him. She loved him. She just wanted to show it. But everybody in the room just got mad about it… This is where Jesus speaks up. In v.10… “why are you troubling her?” What would that have been like…to have all kinds of people super outraged at you, only to have the Son of God himself come to your defense? How would that make you feel? Do you realize Jesus is doing exactly that for his people right now?

Scripture References: Matthew 26:1-16

From Series: "Lord and Savior"

Jesus rode into Jerusalem to shouts of acclaim, yet only days later he was nailed to a cross. He knew it was coming. He did it all on purpose. And because he did, we have life in him!

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