Tell me a little about yourself.

I have been the Pastor here at Christ’s Community since 2017. Jesus is my life, and I am so glad that I get to be here in Fort Wayne! I minister alongside the incredible, indomitable Jamie Daling, to whom I have been married since 1998. We are the proud parents of Micah. I want to follow Jesus with my whole life and I am excited to be able to walk with you too!

What are your responsibilities?

My primary responsibilities include preaching, praying, equipping God’s people for ministry, and spiritual care.

Tell me about your family

Jamie is an amazingly gifted social worker, who has taught me most of what I know about what loving others looks like. Micah is reputed by his mother to be my “Mini-me”—he is not amused (nor is he “mini” anymore…quite a bit taller, actually).

Where are you from?

I grew up in Allendale, MI, met Jamie in Marion, IN, and became a father in Wheaton, IL. God has been so gracious to give us home and family wherever we go.

Tell me about your Education and Experience

B.S. Indiana Wesleyan, Christian Ministries (milled around at the University of Michigan and Grand Valley State University for awhile before that); M.A. Wheaton College, Biblical Exegesis (Biblical Studies); M.A. Wheaton College, Historical and Systematic Theology; Ph.D. Wheaton College, Biblical Theology—New Testament. So, basically, I sat in a library until God kicked me out and into ministry. 

What are some of your favorite books and movies?

Jamie and I are currently enthralled by kung-fu movies—especially the Ip Man series. I am a huge nerd and I love all things theology and most things history. I NEVER stop reading the Lord of the Rings either. Like I said…huge nerd.

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