We love our children at Christ’s Community Church! Children are always welcome in worship on Sundays, but we also have a nursery for ages 0–3 that is available during the worship and Sunday School hours. Children ages 4–11 are released to our Children’s Worship program during the worship service. We offer Sunday School classes for ages 4 and up beginning at 9:15 am. All our classes are taught by experienced teachers who love our children.

Children’s Ministry Monthly – September 2020

(Children’s Ministry Update Archive)

Children’s Worship

This program is offered during the adult worship service for ages 4-11. Our families worship together to begin the service, and then the children are released before the sermon. The time is focused on the same scripture the adults are hearing about. In this program we desire to offer our children a fully integrated experience of worship that is biblically based, honoring to our Lord, and fun!

Sunday School (9:15 am)

We have two Sunday school classes for elementary school aged children. Both classes use the Gospel Project curriculum, which is designed to lead the children through the entire Bible. The kids talk about Scripture, do interactive activities, and learn what it means to follow our Lord Jesus!