At Christ’s Community Church, and even more in our surrounding community, there are hundreds —if not thousands—of people whose lives are in a tailspin. Some have lost loved ones, or jobs, or are going through major life transition. Some are experiencing profound loneliness, some are going through major medical treatments, and some are caring for family members who can’t care for themselves. We see these people every day. They are our family, our neighbors, our friends…and maybe even some of us! We believe that God is calling us as a church to reach out to these with the love of Christ. To equip us for this task, God has given us the opportunity to begin a Stephen Ministry.

What is Stephen Ministry?

Simply put, Stephen Ministry is a distinctively Christian one-to-one, lay (that means anyone who is nota professional minister) care ministry. Stephen Ministers are notcounselors nor do they ‘fix’ people, but rather they are equipped to provide love and support in a confidential way when people need it most. Think of all the people in your life and what they are facing. How helpful would it be for them to have a safe, listening ear to talk to?

Equipped for the Task!

For you who read this and feel the Lord stirring your heart to reach out to others, Stephen Ministry provides a serious and straightforward process to equip you for the task. Those who desire to serve as Stephen Ministers fill out an application and go through an interview process to make sure that Stephen Ministry is a good fit. Stephen Ministers are then equipped through 50 hours of training, where they receive practical, down-to-earth resources to help care for the emotional and spiritual needs of others. When a Stephen Minister begins to meet with someone, they also participate in regular peer supervision and ongoing training.

The skills you will learn will be helpful in every area of your life! Even more importantly, as we continue to think about God’s mission in this world, what better way can you imagine to bear the burdens of other Christians or to share Christ with non-Christians? Through Stephen Ministry, God is providing us a way to carry the Gospel to a hurting world and to make disciples in a deeply relational way.

For More Info

Please contact the church office, and we will get you started.

What kind of you does God want for Hismission? God is preparing you right now in some way for that very mission. Perhaps Stephen Ministry is your entry point. We are here to glorify God and make fruitful disciples of Jesus…may He make usfruitful for this task!