Michael Daling - January 12, 2020

The Lord Suddenly Comes to His Temple

Lord and Savior

In the Temple he should have found faith, hope, love, joy, repentance…desire to see the Lord proclaimed and worshipped by all people everywhere. Instead he found a marketplace on holy ground...he found people who saw the amazing things he did for the lame and the blind and they were all hacked off by it. He found people so concerned with protecting what they had that they couldn’t accept Jesus when came. And yet, just like in Jeremiah’s day, they didn’t seem to have trouble standing before God and saying “we are delivered!” He found hypocrisy and fruitlessness. The unavoidable Jesus made the truth of their hearts unavoidable. Jesus is unavoidable for us too. That he did all this on purpose makes all the difference…The truth is that we see that we are unworthy of him. That can be really difficult to deal with for a lot of reasons. For some it leaves us feeling that the Father in Heaven might rather that we don’t even exist. But the inescapable fact that Jesus did all this on purpose…and that it all was according to God’s Word…all the way to the cross… overshadows our unworthiness. You cannot look at Jesus and walk away the delusion that your unworthiness somehow means he has not loved you and has not given himself for you.

Scripture References: Matthew 21:1-22

From Series: "Lord and Savior"

Jesus rode into Jerusalem to shouts of acclaim, yet only days later he was nailed to a cross. He knew it was coming. He did it all on purpose. And because he did, we have life in him!

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